Fluch des Purpurthrons

Trinias Balade

Abends am Lagerfeuer, die Sonne versinkt gerade hinter den Turmspitzen von Narbenmauer, wirft Trinia dem Alten Gemäuer einen eigenartigen Blick zu, bevor sie sich wieder dem Feuer zuwendet und mit leiser, trauriger Stimme zu singen beginnt:

In golden times,
In yesteryear,
Back when the plains were free.
The wheat grew tall,
The birds sang clear,
Fruit laden were the trees.

But all that changed
One dark, cold night,
When orcs ran quick and low.
Crawled from their holes,
To eat men’s bones,
No mercy did they show.

Now chased away,
The humans were,
Their homes no longer safe.
“A Champion!”
Their cries rang out,
“To save us from this fate!”

And Kazavon,
The Conqueror,
Did hear their desperate call.
“Bend knee, swear oath,”
the Knight did say,
“And I will save you all!”

And army gifted unto him,
A standard at his back.
A silken banner
With blue fanged skull,
They marched to the attack.

With bravery,
No fear did show,
He laughed and made much sport.
And Kazavon, the Conqueror
Cried challenge to the orcs.

The orcs did crawl
out from their holes,
and roar and gnash their teeth.
But Kazavon, the Conqueror,
He slew them all with ease.

The people danced
And laughed with joy,
The fighting now could cease!
Sent dignitaries, delegates,
Made overtures of peace.

He looked at them,
His eyes gone cold,
Their cheers did hush with fright.
And Kazavon, the Conqueror,
Just laughed as they all died.

Now kingdoms fell,
The undead swelled,
Against him none could stand.
And Kazavon, the Conqueror,
Was master of this land.

Until one day the heroes came,
Mandraivus at their head.
A warrior, a champion,
His gleaming weapon red.

“We cannot fail, he has to fall!”
They marched into the night.
And challenged fearsome Kazavon,
who laughed at their small might.

For Kazavon, the Conqueror
Was no mere man, but beast.
The man’s skin fell, the Dragon roared,
“Your bones shall be my feast!”

Mandraivus, the Warrior,
His weapon gleaming red.
It rose and fell, as fury swelled,
And left the Dragon dead.

Mandraivus, the Warrior,
And Serithial still wait.
To guard us all, it is their doom,
Eternal Champions of fate!


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Trinias Balade

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Trinias Balade
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